Maintenance Checklist for Vacuum Pumps

To have a longlife span vacuum pump, the maintenance team should plan to give their vacuum pump an annual maintenance check . This will help ensure a clean, easy startup in the spring, as well as protect the investment you’ve made in the pump.

The recommended maintenance and service checklist will take less than an hour and contribute to a longer life for your vacuum pump :

  • Check and maintain or replace the following parts as necessary: o-rings inside the intake fitting caps, gas ballast and oil drain.
  • Drain the vacuum pumps oil from the reservoir.
  • Fill the pump with clean vacuum pump oil.
  • Secure intake caps, close gas ballast and blank-off valve.
  • Run pump on the bench for 30 minutes so the oil is very warm. Turn off the pump.
  • Drain the oil and replace the drain plug.
  • Turn pump on for three-to-four seconds and then off for three-to-four seconds – two times. This helps to drain the last of the oil from the inside of the pump cartridge.
  • Refill the pump with fresh vacuum pump oil.
  • Clean the exterior of the pump with a mild degreaser.
  • Cover the pump exhaust to prevent moisture from entering the pump.
  • Examine your vacuum pump. Replace external parts as necessary, such as intake fittings, leg assemblies, etc.

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