Product Description

Busch Panda and Puma Vacuum Booster

Vacuum Booster

Ulimate pressure: ∆p max. 80 hPa (mbar)
Nominal pumping speed: 250 – 12000 m3/h
Busch Panda and Busch Puma Vacuum Booster

Panda and Puma vacuum booster are dry running vacuum pumps that are used together with backing pumps in all rough and fine vacuum applications where large suction volumes are required. Vacuum booster operate completely contact-free and without sealing fluids such as oil or water in the working chamber. Panda vacuum booster are equipped with a by-pass valve.

Thanks to the large number of available sizes, the suction capacity and ultimate pressure can be tailored exactly to the process conditions. The high volumetric efficiency ensures a further increase in the economy of operation.

Safe operation
Tried-and-tested engineering together with a sturdy design enables safe operation. The Panda series‘ integrated by-pass valve allows for operation at any pressure level.

Busch Puma Panda Spec